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Darlac Electronic Water Timer

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Darlac small bypass pruners garden scissors gardening seceaturesDarlac small bypass pruners garden scissors gardening seceatures

Darlac Electronic Water TimerDarlac Electronic Water Timer

Darlac Garden Tools Pruners Secateurs ScissorsDarlac Garden Tools Pruners Secateurs Scissors Over 55 years of innovation!

The Darlac Tool Company was founded in 1963, and since then has built a reputation for quality and value for money.

After years of new and innovative product introduction, Darlac now has one of the widest ranges of cutting tools, hand tools, and watering equipment available to the gardener today – all backed by a dedication to quality.

Darlac Electronic Water Timer

Electronic Garden Water Timer with Two Dial Function

The Darlac Electronic Water Timer allows you to water your garden without moving a finger thanks to its time delay feature, simply select how long and often you want to water and our timer will do the rest. The easy to use and simple to install garden water timer has a two dial function that offers multiple watering options, watering frequency and run time, and can be set to run up to 24 times per day and for 2 hours at a time.

Two dial function for multiple watering options Time delay feature Low battery indicator Will also operate gravity fed from a water butt system if required

Darlac gardening tools, professional gardening toolsDarlac gardening tools, professional gardening tools

Best suited to
new growth and young wood fine or delicate pruning fine or delicate pruning light pruning new growth and young wood sharpening loppers, pruners, knives and all fine cutting blades
Cutting capacity
Up to 25mm Up to 25mm Up to 25mm Up to 16mm Up to 25mm NA
254g 152g 178g 145g 253g 15g
Overall length
215mm 180mm 200mm 170mm 210mm 150mm

Best suited to
topiary shaping, dwarf hedging, and trimming heather, herbs and grass edging pruning fruit trees reaching all around the garden for pruning, deadheading and collecting fruit hedge trimming, green growth and light woody growth trimming grass and lawn edges providing a water source anywhere in your garden or on the allotment
Cutting capacity
Up to 10mm up to 100mm 12mm NA NA NA
384g 279g 558g 1084g 1212g 205g
Overall length
350mm 460mm 1000mm 660mm 770mm 80mm

Just select how long and how often you want to water and the Water Timer will do the rest.
It’s suitable for conrolling irrigation systems running from mains water or being supplied from a water butt.
Time delay button for delayed watering.
Runs off 2 x AAA Alkaline batteries so no wiring is required and a low battery indicator lets you know when they need replacing (batteries not included).

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