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The CRIMPiT – A toastie maker for Thins – Make toasted snacks in minutes – Healthy toasted snacks – Designed especially to work with low calorie Thin bread – Made In The UK

Product Description

crimpit homecrimpit home Make Toasties In Your Toaster

Check out the new way to make delicious toasties using just your Crimpit and your toaster.

crimpcrimp toastertoaster crimpit enjoyingcrimpit enjoying dishwasherdishwasher


How does the Crimpit work?

Place a slice of thin bread in the base, add your ingredients, then place a slice of thin bread on top. Press down the CRIMPiT lid to crimp and seal your snack, then pop your parcel into the toaster, under the grill or into the air fryer. The enjoy!

Can you use normal bread?

Yes, customers use a mixture of Thins, normal bread and pastry! The only difference is that you get more bread wastage when using normal bread.

Do you need to add anything to make it seal?

Nope! However, if your bread is a little dry then it can help to run a wet finger round the edge of the bread before sealing. It acts a little bit like glue! Always check your seal before toasting!

Do you heat the Crimpit device?

No, you seal your toastie with the Crimpit and heat only once removed from the Crimpit.

How long to toast your Thins toastie?

Roughly 2-3 mins in toaster and 4-6 mins in Air-fyer (You will need to test what works best for you).

Crimpit Recipe Examples

Chicken Teriyaki Fakeaway

Crimpit Recipe Examples

Red Pepper & Smoked Paprika Chutney

THE NO MESS TOASTIE MAKER – Forget the faff of getting your greasy electric toastie maker out. Just add a Thin bread to the base of the CRIMPiT, load in your fillings then add the top piece of bread and crimp away.
HEAT THEN EAT – Pop the crimped parcel into your toaster (the crimp keeps all the ingredients inside) or cook in a dry pan, air fry, grill, or even oven bake.
DELICIOUS CONVENIENT SNACKS – Make delicious snacks that are healthier and convenient using the CRIMPiT, perfect for the busy modern world! Great for Adults & Kids.
GOODBYE, BORING SNACKS – Classic melted cheese and ham, chocolate and banana, or last night’s leftover curry, the options are endless.
EASY TO CLEAN – The CRIMPiT designed in the the uk is made from 100% BPA free, non-toxic plastic. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
MADE IN THE UK – Support a UK business
PATENT PENDING – Buy with confidence.

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